International Orders

Thank you for your interest in our shop

We do take international orders for most of our items. However as we are working on our English site, our web shop is currently only in Japanese. To place an international order in English please read the following:

  • We ship using DHL express or Japan Post EMS. Shipping fees depend on the weight of the package, and your shipping address.
  • We calculate this once we know the items you wish to purchase and you have given us your shipping details.
  • We handle all online payments through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, please let us know so we can invoice properly.
  • All packages we export from Japan to your country will be subject to your country’s import taxes.
  • We are not responsible for knowing your import tax laws and are not responsible for any of these additional charges your country may impose on the package.
  • We cannot and will not falsify any invoices or paperwork to try and avoid these taxes, such as labeling as a gift or lowering the cost of an item.
  • Since items are being exported and subject to your country’s taxes, all items we invoice to you are exempt from Japanese taxes. (Prices listed on our web shop include Japanese 10% tax.)

If you understand the above and wish to proceed, please email us with a reply to the following questions:

  1. Are you left or right-handed?
  2. Are you looking for a general-purpose knife, small petty knife, a special single bevel fish knife or something else?
  3. Do you have a preference on stain-resistant steel or carbon steel (carbon steel will oxidize or rust)?
  4. What is your desired blade length (heel to tip)?
  5. Do you have a preference on Japanese style handle vs western style full tang handle?
  6. Do you also need a whetstone for knife maintenance?
  7. Did you have a budget in mind for the items?

Please email your inquiry to:

Since our knife selection is constantly changing, we do not have a set catalog.
Once we know your knife preferences from the above questions,  we can respond with pictures of items that fit your preferences. Any additional details on your knife preferences will also help us to try and find the correct knife for you.